The fresh growth of spruces is now, in the beginning of the summer, at its best. They are very rich in vitamins so they are excellent superfood. Did you know that you can make cosmetics using the fresh growth of spruce?   The fresh growth is perfect for cosmetic lotions and refreshing toners.

You can separate the fresh growth of spruces from the older part of tree easily. The lighter green part of candles, at the end of branches is the fresh part. They are not long. The darker part is already old, do not prune that.

Before you start using spruce for the first time, I recommend you to get an allergy test. Spruce is ​​not a familiar ingredient in cosmetics products. You may be allergic to it. Do not spread any product containing spruce on large areas of your skin. Try first on small area that is not very visible.


The benefits of spruce for the skin

Spruce is a very old medicinal plant. Especially in Finland, the spruce has been one of the basic medicines. The main ingredient is resin, but needles and fresh growth have also been used for some herbal treatments. Rheumatism is one of the illnesses which have been treated by spruce needles in folk medicine.

The active ingredients of spruce are resins. Spruce needles do also contain the same resins but not as abundant. Spruce needles are very rich in ascorbic acid. In some countries, vitamins are still made from spruce needles.

The fresh growth of spruces contains antiseptic ingredients that soothe the skin and suppress inflammation and a considerable amount of lingan. Lingans are special phenolic compounds with a strong antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effect. The healthiness of fresh growth of spruce as a diet is largely based on lingans.

Fresh growth is also high in vitamin C, a very important vitamin for the skin. Therefore, fresh growth should be utilized right now when they are at their best.


Spruce has a healing effect on wounds and scar tissue. The Finnish pharmaceutical company Reoplar Pharmaceuticals Ltd has studied the spruce’s regenerating effect on human cells. They have launched a full line of products based on spruce’s resins. The spruce accelerates the regeneration of new skin cells and also protects them. Such an effect is also highly desirable in cosmetic skincare products. Why not try a spruce to rejuvenate your skin. Right now, when fresh growth is available everywhere, it is easy to make homemade products.

The use of fresh growth is, of course, limited because of their very seasonal availability. Before, the preservation methods were not so effective than today.

Extraction of fresh growth

I have made the extracts from fresh growth that I am using in lotions and toners. A soothing and refreshing face mask is also easy to make from fresh growth.

Spruce can be extracted easiest in hot water. Some spruce resins will dissolve also in hot water.

Cosmetics made of spruce tip -oil extract is suitable to treat impure, oily skin. Here is the recipe to make an emulsion cream. You can replace the oil you are using partly or entirely by spruce tip oil. Spruce tip oil is slightly antiseptic and soothes the skin.

This oil extract is excellent cosmetics raw material mentioned for dirty and oily skin. The oil is mildly antiseptic and soothes the skin.

Fresh growth extract from glycerol

The best and most effective spruce extract you get from glycerol. Many spruce minerals, resins and vitamins dissolve best in glycerol. Fresh growth glycerite is a very useful product. It can be added to both waterless and water-only products. The glycerite is also ideal for lotions.

How to make a glycerite from fresh growth

You can use this glycerite for example for toners. A toner can contain glycerite 10-15%. A fresh and soothing toner directly from the nature.

Fresh face mask of fresh growth

Fresh growth extract from glycerol

You should also try just picked up fresh growth. Then prepare a refreshing and soothing mask. In fact, I have used the basic emulsion lotion I’ve prepared myself for base of a herbal mask. Instructions are here. If you do not have a homemade base cream, you can use a neutral cream of your choice as the base of the mask.

Make a fresh mask like this

The forest is now full of spruce trees. However, you should ask permission from the landowner to prune spruces. In my experience, however, you should get the permission easily if you just ask politely. In fact, I asked permission to prune a fence made of spruces. Spruce fence should be cut annually and the owners were just happy.