This time I wanted to make a very moisturizing cream. Now, when winter is coming and the air gets cooler, the surface of the skin dries and needs more moisturizing. In case you have associated aloe vera only as a cure for sunburned skin, you will be surprised. Aloe Vera is one of the best natural moisturizers. Adding papaya to the aloe vera based cream will give a fantastic result. Both aloe vera and papaya suit specially to aging skin due to their healing and rejuvenating properties. Next, I will tell you how to make a pleasant and effective cream using these two great ingredients.


How can I make an effective aloe Vera lotion and papaya cream at home?

You only need a few ingredients for this cream. If you do not know how to make emulsion creams you can study it here. I have written a simple how-to-do guide for everyone. It is definitely worthwhile to learn the technique of making an emulsion cream. You can easily include most of the natural ingredients needed for skin care in the water-based lotion.

Aloe Vera is a familiar ingredient to many

Fresh Aloe Vera

Now we use aloe vera for a slightly different purpose than usual. Aloe Vera contains hundreds of active ingredients. That is why it is a very common ingredient in almost all cosmetics. In this cream, we take advantage of aloe Vera’s ability to really moisturize the skin. Many, very highly effective moisturizing serums are based also on Aloe Vera. This tells a lot about the effectiveness of Aloe Vera.

Papaya is full of antioxidants

Papaya contains many of the same active ingredients as carrots. In addition to carotenoids, Papaya contains incredible number of vitamins and minerals.

Papaya is commonly used in peeling products because it contains an enzyme called papain. Papain exfoliates the skin enzymatically without rubbing. Most papaya is found in raw papaya and also in papaya skin.

Now we are not using raw papaya or papaya skin but the flesh of ripe papaya. I have prepared a fast glycerite based on ripe papaya flesh. In glycerite, the skin care agents of papaya are transferred from papaya to glycerol during extraction. This way we can also include papaya in our lotion. Glycerol itself is already a very moisturizing ingredient. However, it is not a good idea to add it a lot to the cream because it easily makes the skin surface sticky. Glycerol is a sugar alcohol and has some disadvantages of sugar.

Here’s how to make papaya glycerite

Papaya Glycerite

You need

Do like this:

Rice bran oil has special anti-aging effects

I use a lot of rice bran oil. It is a very mild, beautifully yellow and odourless oil. It is also a well-tolerated oil. Only very few people are allergic to it.

Rice bran oil is suitable for aging skin. It is especially rich in vitamins E and B, coenzyme Q10 and ferulic acid. Ferulic acid is an antioxidant that reduces skin wrinkles and protects the skin.

Shea butter protects the skin

I’d love to add some shea butter to creams in falls. It protects the skin from drying out. Although the skin is still moist and bright after the summer, it dries quickly in dry, heated indoor air. You can read more about Shea butter here.

For moisturizing Aloe Vera and Papaya cream you need

Creamy Papaya Aloe Vera Lotion

• 30 ml (1,01 us fl oz) of Aloe Vera juice

• 70 ml (2,367 us fl oz) of boiled (filtered) water

• 20 ml (0,67628 us fl oz) rice bran oil

• 5 grams (0,18 oz) a small bite of shea butter

• ½ teaspoon of papaya glycerol or glycerol alone

• 2 teaspoons Olivem 1000 emulsifiers

• preservative, optional

• Essential oils, optional

Do like this:

You will need a double pot or a steel bowl and a standard pot to make the emulsion. For whipping, you need a whisk or milk frothier and a thermometer (preferably digital) to measure the temperature. You also need one sterile glass jar.

This cream is a wonderfully rich and moisturizing cream. For all of you who are looking for an extra moisturizing aloe vera lotion this recipe is definitely worth trying.

Please tell us about your experience with this cream recipe. You can comment either in the comment section below or on the Helenatur Facebook page or Instagram @ helenatur10.

coconut-in cosmetics

One of the best things about coconut water is its skin cleansing feature. I have not been able to figure out why coconut water has such a feature. It is similarly anti-bacterial as coconut oil. Therefore, this facial water is especially good for impure skin.

Coconut water

Coconut water contains a large variety of mineral salts including potassium, magnesium, sodium and calcium. In coconut water mineral salts are just the best form so that the skin benefits from them. They are very small particles in plant’s own juice in a best possible form for absorption.

In addition, coconut water contains sugars that moisturize the skin as well as vitamin C. Vitamin C makes miracles for your skin. It should always be added to the products because it will not last very long.

Aloe vera

Aloe Vera is a well- known skin-loving and treating ingredient. Aloe Vera soothes the skin and reduces pores. In addition, aloe vera gel provides a suitable texture for the facial toner. You can also prepare aloe vera gel from the powder. The powder is sold in stores selling raw materials for home cosmetics. It is very plentiful and is more affordable than fresh Aloe Vera juice in bottles.

Gentle Cleansing and facial toner from coconut water and Aloe Vera

For Cleansing Coconut Water Facial toner, you need

How to make coconut water facial toner

Effective cleaning paste made of coconut oil

This cleanser is a traditional home cosmetics product and very good for acne skin. Baking soda can detach and remove very dry skin and dead tissue. This cleanser is also suitable if you want to brighten your skin or  want to remove the makeup especially carefully from the skin.

Baking soda or sodium bicarbonate is a very often used wrongly. It is an alkaline substance that effectively removes fat and impurities. In addition, the baking soda has a mildly exfoliating property. You can read about my post about baking soda from here. For this cleansing paste, baking soda suits perfect.

Coconut oil is solid if you keep it under 25 degrees Celsius. At over 25 degrees it becomes liquid and is easy to pack in a bottle. This is worth remembering, when preparing cosmetic products from coconut oil.

Coconut oil is not absorbed easily into the skin

coconut-in cosmetics

That’s why it’s a very good product to clean your makeup from the skin. Also, eye makeup is also easily removed with pure coconut oil. This cleansing oil contains also baking soda. That’s why you can’t use it in the eye area.

Products containing coconut oil should be removed from the skin precisely because they clog the pores easily. So it is worth of cleansing the skin once again, for example, with a facial cleansing milk or with a facial foam cleanser. For daily skin cleansing this product is not suitable.

You need for coconut cleansing paste

How to do coconut facial cleansing paste

Aloe vera is too “easy” plant for beauty care and preparation of DIY-cosmetics.  Why? It does not necessarily require any refining to create complex products but it suits to hair care as it is.  Aloe Vera contains several compounds which are very useful in hair care. It is also amazing that Aloe Vera is suitable both dry and greasy hair types. Also, normal hair type gets benefits from Aloe Vera.

Aloe Vera is a very versatile plant in hair care. Its gel-like structure makes it perfect, natural setting lotion.  You do not need any additives. Someone maybe would like to add a little bit essential oil into Aloe Vera.  You can do that, if you like. I am not a big user of essential oils myself, that is why I do not remember to recommend them.  It does not mean no-one else should not use them either, it is up to everyone if you like them or not. There is no actual reason not to use them.

You can use Aloe Vera shampoo for both preventing hair to getting greasy and moisturizing the dry scalp and hair.  Slimy Aloe Vera gel is one of the best moisturizers.  Also, it is very natural because it contains only liquid from natural plant. Even it is said Aloe Vera is losing many good characters in preparing and storing process there are still plenty of them left.

Aloe Vera is best as hair mask.  It makes your hair soft and flexible. You can clearly notice the difference. Climate in Finland in wintertime is very dry and central heating makes inside air also extremely dry.  Our hair needs moisturizing.

Easy to prepare -Aloe Vera hair mask

You need

How to do

Add all ingredients to a bottle and shake well.

Pour Aloe Vera mask on your clean, moisturized hair (not dropping) and let it affect under a cap about 30 minutes.  You can let it affect longer but it is better to be careful, especially when trying first time. I do not use sour hair masks too long myself.

Flush the mask away using lukewarm water.  If you are using Aloe Vera juice there may be particles of the plant as well. They are visible as small white spots in your hair. The best way to get rid of them is to brush your hair when it is dry.

This mask is very nutritious and moisturizing. Your hair will be very soft and flexible after the treatment.  They are also easier to control.  Aloe Vera also eliminates the electricity of your hair.

Clear Aloe Vera hair mask

I have often prepared a spoonful of Aloe Vera and simply spread it on hair and sculp. You do not have to flush this mask away at all. Just brush your hair once they are dry.  This treatment gives additional structure to your hair, it makes your hair unbelievable flexible and shiny.

Hopefully you will try to use Aloe Vera in hair care.

I am interested in knowing how Aloe Vera works with curly hair – mine are natural straight so please share your experience. Thank you.