Super moisturizing ingredients for skin care


Super moisturizing ingredients for skin care


Many people suffer from dry skin in the beginning of winter. Big changes of the temperatures of heated, indoor air and cold outside air stress the skin. Indoor air is particularly dry when the heating system is running at full capacity. The skin surface dries and becomes lifeless.


There are really many products available for treating dry skin

However, you can make a moisturizer yourself from simple ingredients. In this post I will tell you which are the most moisturizing ingredients in home cosmetics.

Why does my skin dry?

In order to avoid dry skin, you should think first what is the reason why your skin is dry. In fact, dryness of the skin can be caused by many different things. Of course, the treatment must be chosen based on the real reason.  The most common causes of drought are

  • Too dry indoor air; indoor humidity should always be above 40%. Get yourself a powerful humidifier!
  • Frost; frost reduces skin moisture to prevent the skin from freezing so easily. Avoid being in the frosty air!
  • Smoking; In addition to many other health problems, smoking causes dry skin. Stop now!
  • Too little hydration; drink more!
  • Age; the skin becomes thinner as it ages. Thin skin dries more easily than thicker skin.
  • Some medicines and health issues; it is worth consulting a trusted doctor.

Here are the main reasons that cause the skin to dry out. As you can see, you can influence many things yourself. The cold season is really challenging for the skin. Even if you can moisturize the indoor air in your home, you cannot do it at work. Therefore, it is advisable to take care of your skin carefully throughout the heavy and dark winter season.

A natural way to prevent skin dryness is vigorous exercise and sweating

Before you start trying any cosmetic product on dry skin you should try the effect of exercise. Exercise improves blood circulation in the skin and provides the skin with more nutrients and also moisture. According to research, the most moisturizing chemical in skin care is urea. It is added to many dry skin care creams. However, you do not need to add urea to your skin cream.

It is enough that you allow regular sweat to flow on your skin

Sweat always contains small amounts of urea. Therefore, sweating is one of the most moisturizing skin care methods. I highly recommend!

There are many natural products for moisturizing dry skin

I’ve told you in the past several cosmetic ingredients that moisturize the skin. Now I wanted to collect them together in this post to make it easier for you to find all skin super moisturizers in one place.

Glycerol and hyaluronic acid are the most commonly used moisturizers in cosmetics

Glycerol and hyaluronic acid absorb moisture from their surroundings. If there is not enough moisture available, they absorb moisture from the skin. When used incorrectly, hyaluronic acid, in particular, can have a drying effect on the skin.

Glycerol is a safer alternative to moisturize the skin. It is especially suitable for persons who do not tolerate plant extracts in cosmetics. Glycerol can also dry the skin if not used with plenty of fluid.

All sugars are moisturizing


I’ve told sugars here. Sugars have a very effective moisturizing effect. For dry skin, sugars are the best moisturizer. Sugars increase the activity of bacteria on the skin and absorb moisture. There are many good sugars available for the skin

  • Plain fine granulated sugar, white or dark; use on face masks
  • Powdered sugar; use in scrubs
  • Sorbitol; lotions and facial waters
  • Xylitol; lotions and facial waters
  • Honey; use on masks
  • agave nectar; use on masks
  • Soft palm sugar; use on masks like honey

Starches protect the skin from drying out

Many starches help protect the skin from excessive drying. Starches form a layer on the skin that protects the skin from drying out. They also absorb moisture.


 Starches act as thickeners in creams. They can only be added to the creams in small amounts. In large quantities, the starchy cream is uncomfortable on the skin.

  • The most famous starch in creams is xanthan gum. Xanthan gum is used primarily as a thickener. It also forms a very thin protective layer on the skin surface.
  • Colloidal oats work a little bit like xanthan gum on the skin. Colloidal oats are also a skin-soothing ingredient that reduces itching.

Seaweeds contain particularly moisturizing polysaccharides

All seaweeds moisturize the skin. Seaweed is rich in skin-moisturizing polysaccharides. Of course, there are differences in polysaccharides from different seaweeds. Some algae are clearly more moisturizing than others. I have written more about marine algae here.

Our skin tolerates particularly well seaweeds

Therefore, they can also be used on thin, dry and sensitive skin. Apart from moisturizing ingredients, seaweed contains an incredible amount of skin-loving minerals. At best, seaweeds are in the facial waters. You can also replace the cream with seaweed extract in your water phase.

Seaweed suitable for the skin

Use these incredibly effective seaweeds.

  • Kombu; use as a decoction base for cream or facial water
  • Wakame algae; Wakame, known from miso soups, is particularly good in skin care. Use as powder in masks or as a poultice base for creams and facial waters
  • Kelp (Fucus Evanescens); is a super moisturizer for the skin. Thanks to the fucoidan it contains, kelp also removes redness of the skin.

Moisturizing herbs

Herbal moisturizers are rare. Personally, I know only two really good moisturizing plants.

  • Leaves and roots of Greater Burdock
  • Marshmallow root

You can use these plants as a poultice in facial waters and creams.

Hope you find some help when moisturizing your skin


There are really many moisturizing ingredients available. I deliberately omitted all oils that are considered moisturizing. Oils as such do not moisturize dry skin. Oils and vegetable butter can be used to lock in the moisture to the skin. The skin needs moisture meaning water. Therefore, it is worth drinking plenty of water. Also, moisturizing products should always be added to already moist skin. This gives the best moisturizing effect.

How do you moisturize your skin during the winter season? Please add your comment to the message box!

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