Ingredients and Preparation of Home made Cosmetics

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“Ingredients and Preparation of Homemade Cosmetics ” is a hefty information package to everyone interested in making cosmetics by her/himself as well as a guide to a consumer of cosmetic products. The book suits very well as a manual of materials used in cosmetics.

At the first place I wrote this book for myself; I was tired of just mixing ingredients together and hoping the result, a lotion, would be suitable to my skin. I wanted to open up the world of different raw materials deeper. Why the ingredients of factory-made lotions are what they are, why only certain oils are used when making home cosmetics, or why some herb or active substance would be suitable for cosmetic use. I wanted to find answers and widen my knowledge about raw materials and skin care.

It is very important to know which materials we are using, the features of these materials and what we have to know when merging these components together. Quite often some recipes are recommending to use favorite oil and favorite herbs. However, there is large number of different oils and blends and all the oils do have different characters. All the herbs do have also different effects depending of the herb in question. There are countless number of different herbs available.

This book will help to choose correct materials for different needs. It covers, among other things, herbs, oils, clays, active substances and chemicals used in home-made cosmetics.

“The ingredients and preparation of home made cosmetics” will also tell how-to make cosmetics at home using simply devices and equipment we in most cases do already have in home. There are detailed how-to make descriptions of different products. In the recipes-section you will find balms, creams, emulsion lotions, deodorants and facial waters. Instructions are in basic forms which are easy to customize individually.

There is also short description of the anatomy of skin, its protection and treatment to assist planning of products. It is important to understand what is skin and how it works when designing the suitable cream.

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Cover: Pehmeäkantinen

Page count: 340 pages

ISBN-13: 9789528029472

Publisher: Books on Demand

Published: 09.10.2018

Language: suomi

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