How to use oats in cosmetics and how oats works in skin care


Is there any other other natural cosmetic ingredients like oats (Avena sativa)? Using oats is...

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Superfood for skin, 11 best herbs for skin care


Would like to learn more about herbs in cosmetics. What herbs do you prefer for your skin and...

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Olive oil in home cosmetics, choose the right uses


If you are looking for good skin care oils online, you will certainly find the most praiseworthy...

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How miracle-making glycerol helps to care of your winter-dry skin


I bought years ago a big bottle of glycerol from an online store. I was looking for natural...

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How to use vinegar in DIY cosmetics


Today, vinegar has become one of the most popular raw material for DIY cosmetics. Vinegar is now...

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Miten kaytat ruokasoodaa kotikosmetiikassa

How to use baking soda in DIY- cosmetics


Baking soda or Sodium Hydrogen Carbonate or Sodium Bicarbonate (NaHCO3) is a very versatile and...

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Have you ever got to know this miracle substance – peat in skincare beats the most expensive serums?


Peat is usually associated with something but skincare.  Peat is, however, one of the oldest and...

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Various reasons why kaolin clay is so outstanding when preparing cosmetics


Kaolin clay is white powder that is produced in limestone mines.  It is also sold as white clay...

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7 good reasons to use Sunflower oil as a basic ingredient in cosmetics


Did you know that the sunflower has been highly recognized plant in skin- and cosmetic care for...

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How to use aloe vera as a DIY product


Aloe Vera, one of the most popular ingredients in cosmetics Aloe Vera does not need a lot of...

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Arjen pienet valinnat

Small daily choices


Small daily choices we do have a big impact to many important matters like allergies and...

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